Understand your skin before going out for hunting

When someone asks you to name human organs, what comes to mind? Kidney, liver, eyes? These are all great answers but did you know that the skin is not just an organ but actually the largest organ of the human body? We may have a tendency to think of our skin in separate parts – the soles of our feet are so different than the skin on our faces, for instance – but in reality the skin is one large singular organ that is very different and unique than any other part of the body for so many reasons. So before trying to buy some best police flashlight to go hunting , please keep your attention at these tips.

One interesting fact about the skin is that its health is very dependent on what we as its owners do to take care of it. Yes, there are many things we can do to take care of our kidneys and our liver – not using the bathroom frequently enough or getting enough hydration can cause kidney stones, overdrinking alcoholic beverages can damage the liver, and so on – but the skin seems to be the most sensitive to how we treat or ignore it, and the one organ prone to the most damage because of our own actions or inaction.

Some interesting facts about your skin – Know it before going hunting

Think about it – if you go without shoes on rough pavement you’re going to get calluses and even cuts on the soles of your feet; go without gloves in the winter and your hands get
not just cold but dry and cracked. There are many such examples of how we need to protect our own skin, and how the things we do to help it can make it that much healthier. After preparing a good skin, now you can buy some best ar 15 bipod to have better hunting trip.

Understanding the basics of skin care doesn’t take a degree in dermatology but it does require a basic understanding of the composition of the skin and its purpose and function. Just like anyone that wants to keep their car in good shape should have a basic understanding of the functions of the different components that are under the hood, just understanding a few things about what makes up the skin and why it is the way it is helps when trying to take care of it.


Some functions of the skin are rather obvious; it keeps all our inside stuff inside and gives us something to sit on. But there are many other functions that the skin provides that are necessary for our comfort and our health and protection.


That the skin keeps us insulated may be somewhat obvious as well, but many people really don’t appreciate what a wonder of technolog)’ our skin is when it comes to keeping us warm. The body generates its own heat through the movement of the blood and oxygen inside and the friction that produces, but the skin is what keeps that heat from just
immediately dissipating.

However the skin does need to let some heat out or we would actually overheat. And when we do get too warm for any reason sweat is produced and released through the glands of the skin in order to keep us cool.

So the skin needs to work in order to keep heat in but not too much heat, and to produce that sweat in cases when we are too warm. Its own internal thermometer is one that rivals anything you would find in the most technologically advanced HVAC system. Gripping and slipping.

Do you know why you have fingerprints? Believe it or not, it’s not so that the police can find you if you do something wrong. Those fingerprints act as little grippers that help us to hold anything and everything. Without prints our skin would be so smooth that everything would literally slip through our fingers.

Interestingly, the skin also acts as a protection to keep other things from sticking to us and injuring us. Dust and dirt get caught in the skin rather than in our bloodstream or lungs.

Other elements that would be harmful if they came into contact with our internal organs are not harmful to the skin, including sunlight. The human body can actually drown in only a few tablespoons of water, which means that without our skin we would be in danger of drowning every time it rains. So the skin helps us to hold onto some things and then shrugs off others.

Discover your own beauty

As you go through the Beauty Profiling process, you may see yourself in each Type of beauty – how the natural expression and movement of each Type influences your personality traits, behavior tendencies, thought and feeling processes, gifts and talents, personal space, body language, and most importantly, your physical features.

You have all four elements of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon inherently in you. Every woman expresses a Dominant Energy Type that does not change over her lifetime. When assessing yourself, you will be looking and feeling for which of tire four Types of beauty7 most aligns with you. I believe you innately know who you are. Listen to your intuition! In your personal validation of who you are, you will take on a new level of ownership and permission to be yourself.

I will not offer you a personality assessment questionnaire in any of my Profiling resources. There is a higher percentage of error when we just look at personality and behavior (especially when only using a questionnaire). We have a safeguard for that in my Beauty7 Profiling system that allows us to see more clearly what your true Type is: your physical features.

We can assess how the movement of your Type of beauty7 expresses itself through your physical features, meaning your facial features and your body language. The way you sit and stand and move are expressions of your natural Type of beauty. This provides a default mechanism for looking beyond personality and getting a more accurate reading of who you truly are. You likely have never looked at your nose and wondered what it says about you. With the Beauty Profiling system, you will look at your nose in a whole new light!

Closely examining your physical features is valuable exercise for many women, helping them to discern their true Type of beauty. I tell women that their body never lies when it conies to telling the truth about who they are. After a woman has adapted and conformed herself to the needs of others throughout her life, she too often loses perspective about who she is. If you were shamed or disciplined for being your true self as a small child, you would be less likely to want to embrace your true nature due to some wounds that need to heal, and are likely ready to heal now that you are reading this book. I believe you would not have come in contact with this material unless you were ready to heal!

Your beauty is more than skin deep

Your beauty is truly more than skin deep: it IS actually Created from the foul-elements in your DNA! These four elements create your inner beauty (your true nature, feelings, and thought patterns) and your outer beauty (your facial features and body language).

Think back to your chemistry class to recall what these four basic building blocks are. The four elements are nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. These elements create an innate movement that expresses itself naturally and effortlessly in every aspect of your life. Mother Nature truly is a beauty expert!

You might be asking, “What do the four elements have to do with me? And how do they relate to my beauty?” What you are about to discover may surprise you. These four elements, in terms of their natural movement and expression in you, have everything to do with your natural beauty.

The four elements are the basis of your Beauty Profile. Your physical features, body language, personality, and many of your behavioral

tendencies are influenced by the core expression of these four elements. They are the basis of the four Types of beauty you will be learning about as you discover your Beauty Profile.

For simplicity, I have given each element a number and refer to each as a Type, for example:
• Nitrogen—TYPE l™ Energy
• Oxygen—TYPE 2™ Energy
• Hydrogen—TYPE 3™ Energy
• Carbon—’TYPE 4s>; Energy

You express a unique combination of all four elements in you, but you lead with the dominant expression of only one. I call this your dominant Energy Type or Type of beauty. Our dominant Energy Type is the most prevailing expression influencing all aspects of our life. As I have previously mentioned, you will learn how this innate quality in you is influencing your looks, personality, and numerous behavior tendencies. Even when we try to override our Energy Type and change our personality, this core movement cannot be silenced. We see it expressing itself most naturally when we are not thinking about it. It expresses itself in ways that we don’t judge readily, like walking, talking, doodling or laughing, just to name a few examples.