Your beauty is more than skin deep

Mother nature truly is a beauty expert

Your beauty is truly more than skin deep: it IS actually Created from the foul-elements in your DNA! These four elements create your inner beauty (your true nature, feelings, and thought patterns) and your outer beauty (your facial features and body language).

Think back to your chemistry class to recall what these four basic building blocks are. The four elements are nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. These elements create an innate movement that expresses itself naturally and effortlessly in every aspect of your life. Mother Nature truly is a beauty expert!

You might be asking, “What do the four elements have to do with me? And how do they relate to my beauty?” What you are about to discover may surprise you. These four elements, in terms of their natural movement and expression in you, have everything to do with your natural beauty.

The four elements are the basis of your Beauty Profile. Your physical features, body language, personality, and many of your behavioral

tendencies are influenced by the core expression of these four elements. They are the basis of the four Types of beauty you will be learning about as you discover your Beauty Profile.

For simplicity, I have given each element a number and refer to each as a Type, for example:
• Nitrogen—TYPE l™ Energy
• Oxygen—TYPE 2™ Energy
• Hydrogen—TYPE 3™ Energy
• Carbon—’TYPE 4s>; Energy

You express a unique combination of all four elements in you, but you lead with the dominant expression of only one. I call this your dominant Energy Type or Type of beauty. Our dominant Energy Type is the most prevailing expression influencing all aspects of our life. As I have previously mentioned, you will learn how this innate quality in you is influencing your looks, personality, and numerous behavior tendencies. Even when we try to override our Energy Type and change our personality, this core movement cannot be silenced. We see it expressing itself most naturally when we are not thinking about it. It expresses itself in ways that we don’t judge readily, like walking, talking, doodling or laughing, just to name a few examples.


I can determine a woman’s dominant Energy Type most easily by simple assessments—that is, her demeanor when coming into a room of people she does not know, how she behaves during a class, how she moves through the process of learning new material, and the types of questions she asks, if she asks any. I can even tell by her facial features, the shape of her nose, the lines of her face, and the pitch and tone of her voice which Type of beauty she expresses.

It is when we are not consciously thinking about who we are that who we truly are unmistakably expresses itself.

There are four Energy Types that create your whole Beauty Profile. I believe we are each unique in the creation and expression of who we are, yet I have found an uncanny similarity in the tendencies of expression found in women of the same Dominant Energy Type. We are each unique and also veiy much the same within our Type of beauty.

The full Energy Profiling model that is taught in my book It’s Just My Nature! is a simple, yet profound tool that helps us understand our natural gifts and talents, our strengths and weaknesses, our approach to the world, our ways of processing and perceiving our life experience and how we process information and make decisions. It helps us understand that we were created to express these core movements in every aspect of our lives, and to enjoy who we naturally are. With a deeper study of Energy Profiling, you also more fully appreciate the character and natural expressions of others. Your judgments of other people drop away when you see them through the Energy Profiling lens.

We teach women that all of the Types of beauty stand equal in their value, that there is not one more gifted or capable than another, not one more beautiful than another. When we are living in conscious alignment with our own Energy or Beauty Profile, we experience a balanced life.

Every woman has the right and opportunity’ to be successful, ambitious, determined, fun, loving, caring, nurturing, prosperous, generous, enlightened, and incredibly beautiful—all the qualities we strive for in our human experience. What will look different is the way we move and express ourselves in these qualities.

As you read through the description of each Type of beauty, open yourself up to who you really are. Pay attention to your heart more than your head. Your mind will tell you who you think you are, but your heart just knows it. Listen to your heart. It will not fail you.

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