Ways to take back your beauty

It’s time to take back your beauty

“You have ben understanding yourself and settling for mediocrity in your appearance most of your life”

I say this whole-heartedly: most women do not know how truly beautiful they are. Frankly, they have never had the tools to discover their innate beauty or to express it effortlessly. Most women hear compliments like, “That’s a nice jacket,” or, “I like your purse!” But after learning how to dress their truth, our clients consistently hear compliments like, “You look amazing!”

Is this what you are experiencing now?

You look in the mirror and say, “Who is that? Is that me? I look terrible!” And the older you get, the more you are feeling this!

• It drives you crazy to get dressed in the morning because you can’t decide what looks good on you.
• You look in your closet at the beginning of the day and say, “I have nothing to wear!”
• You have a closet full of clothes and only really love a few items.
• You despise clothes shopping because you can’t find the right color, or what fits or feels right to you, or what you can afford.
• You go into convulsions at the thought of stepping into a dressing room.
• The compliments you hear may be nice but deep down you feel like they are obligatory.

Once you start Dressing Your Truth, these experiences will no longer be regular occurrence. Why? Because you’ll love the way you look, every day. You’ll totally enjoy dressing in the morning, and will do so with great confidence. You’ll love to shop for clothes because you will always know exactly what you are looking for and what works for you. It will be fun to step into a dressing room again. And you will hear genuine compliments— in fact, they will become an everyday experience.

I heard from a customer, Julie (TYPE ism), who said, “I went to my profession’s bi-annual conference yesterday. My friends haven’t seen me since the last conference and since I have started dressing my truth. Boy, did I get the attention—like I have never received! One friend after another couldn’t stop mentioning how great I looked. I had one friend say specifically as she couldn’t stop staling, ‘Your make-up just “pops”!’ I had to silently laugh because what you say about the compliments we would hear is right on. Of course, I told them to go to your website to learn more. Once again, Carol Tuttle is right.”

I receive emails like the one below every day from women who are falling in love with their appearance and their body, and they are not even at their ideal weight! Pamela shares:
“Today was the first time my friends saw me dressing my truth and no less than six people at church today stopped me to say how amazing I looked. I love this stuff. I had to see it to believe it, and I sure do now. It also helped me to deal very effectively with a very challenging situation and I never lost my cool, my dignity or my focus. I think feeling so secure in my skin made a big difference for the better. Thank you.”

Along with Julie and Pam are thousands of women worldwide, some of whom are featured in dressingyourtruth.com. Later in this book, we can talk about the amazing results of Dressing Your Truth. (You can also see a collection of Before and Afters in the color section of this book.)

Because you may not be used to being noticed for your beauty, this may feel awkward and uncomfortable. It is common for women to share with me this sentiment, “I am afraid that dressing my truth will be too much. I am going to stand out.”

I tell women to consider the possibility that Dressing Your Truth and bringing out your beauty is not over-stating yourself; consider, rather, that you have been understating yourself and settling for mediocrity in your appearance most of your life.

It is time to take back your beauty and become your own beauty expert. You really can express outwardly how naturally beautiful you are, both inside and out. I have personally witnessed hundreds of women who have shed tears of appreciation when they looked in the mirror and saw for the first time how beautiful they truly are.

I want you to be the next woman to fall in love with herself and to love your body just the way it is right now! Amazing things happen when you feel the true love you really do have for yourself. I am excited for you.

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