There is more than one type of woman – Which type are you?

When I was growing up, the culture I was raised ill depicted feminine nature as soft, gentle and sensitive. Not only were women expected to be soft and gentle, but also more subdued, cute and perky. Men, on the other hand, in their masculine nature, were expected to be more aggressive and bold. We have been depicting women and men with these stereotypical qualities for centuries.

One of my biggest insights and discoveries in creating my Beauty Profiling system is the discovery of the different Types of feminine.

It is time to redefine the feminine!

The subtle, soft feminine alone can no longer be culturally acceptable or supportive to the different Types of women who are in the world.

In my interactions with women all over the world, I have met women who thought they were one Type of woman, only to discover they had lost touch with their true nature and had fooled themselves into believing they were a different Type of woman.

It is interesting to bring new light to a woman who is misperceiving her true identity! They are commonly a bit confused and frustrated, and sometimes angry and afraid to see their true self.

How does this happen? How can a woman lose touch with her greatest qualities, her greatest strengths and gifts, her innately inborn beauty?

It happens every day in the lives of parents and children. When you are told that who you are is not okay when you are just naturally expressing yourself as a small child, you start to alter your personality to fit in and get your needs met. The irony is, your needs never get met, because as you continue to hide your true nature, the love and acceptance you are seeking cannot be received by your true self.

My quieter, more subdued mom inadvertently sought ways to silence my determined, dynamic nature by shushing me frequently while I was in my childhood. I also witnessed the negative side of my nature via my father who was powerfully reactive and intense—and unpredictably so—all through my years growing up. I did not want to be like either of them. Now that I know which Type of energy they each expressed, I understand where they were coming from.

I am intrigued by female superstars who have stayed true to their feminine nature that was contrary to the stereotypical cookie-cutter feminine of the past. Pink, the rock artist professionally known as P!nk, is a great example of a young woman who refused to conform to becoming a subtle, soft feminine expression. P!nk expresses TYPE 4«* beauty, a bold, striking feminine expression. She has lived true to it her entire life. She refused to be molded into a false expression of who she was when she launched her music career.

I recently watched Pink’s biography on TV. This story is a perfect example of her staying true to her bold, blunt, TYPE 4«’ nature. I11 the process of being discovered as an upcoming musical artist, she had the opportunity to perform for a major recording label executive in his office. She was only 15 years old at the time. Half-way through the song she suddenly stopped and bluntly asked the question, “Are you going to stop shuffling through the papers on your desk and start listening to me?”

I believe the women who have lived true to their feminine expression are women who have risen to the top of their careers and pursuits, and we are intrigued by their confidence and honesty that naturally comes through in the roles they play. I have also noticed that women who are not living their truth can be unnecessarily critical of these successful women. They are unconsciously thinking, “Why does she get to live her truth? I conformed to the female standard. Why doesn’t she have to?”

I recently read an article about the late superstar comedian Joan Rivers. Joan was a TYPE 3«« woman—a rich, dynamic woman. Her nature was to be outspoken and edgy. She shared in this article that she had to go against what she thought was her feminine nature, the subtle, soft feminine stereotype of the time, to be a successful comedian. Ironically, Joan staying true to the Type of woman she was made all the difference in her years of success as a comedian.

In my Beauty Profiling system, the four Types of beauty are each beautiful and remarkable, and each very much as feminine as the other, just expressed in different ways. Each is also incredibly sexy and powerful in their own right, and each fabulously beautiful when you know how to dress your truth. The four Types of women who reflect the model I previously mentioned in this book, and that relate to the four elements we are all created from, are as follows:

• TYPE 1™: The Bright, Animated Woman
• TYPE 2™: The Subtle, Soft Woman
• TYPE 3“: The Rich, Dynamic Woman
• TYPE 4sm: The Bold, Striking Woman

You might be asking, “How can we reduce all women to just four classifications?” As an individual, you express your own unique composition of all four Types of beauty, so you may see yourself in all of them. Yet you will find that you lead with only one dominant expression of the four. I respect the fact that we are all created to be our own unique, expressive self. But it is uncanny how consistently the movement of the four Types of beauty are expressed through women. I think you will agree with me after you have read the next few sections, that there is a remarkable similarity in the expressions of all of us that can be classified into four groups. Sure, within these groups you will find unique differences, but the general tendencies you will come to notice in aspects of our feminine expression are certainly there. Remember that the tendencies being described and measured are general and universal—all describing your natural movement that expresses itself effortlessly in you.


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