Dress your truth with two steps

The two-steo process off Dress Your Truth

As I mentioned before, learning to Dress Your Truth is a two-step process. This book is the first and vital step of that process. The information in this book opens your eyes to who you are and makes everything I teach in the Dressing Your Truth course make sense.

1. Discover your unique Type of beauty.

Women have said that simply discovering their Type of beauty has been a life-changing experience for them, and it can be life changing for you. As you discover your Type of beauty, you will understand the truth about your feminine nature, and you will learn why some of your so-called flaws are actually evidence of your greatest strengths. This is huge!

This is where the fun starts—discovering your personal Beauty Profile. To help you in this discovery, I will refer to my system called Energy Profiling to help you learn your Type of beauty

The Energy Profiling system is a groundbreaking and revolutionary profiling system that helps you discover your innate character and that of others. It is a study of how you move through the world. In my Energy Profiling system, we learn the natural expression of our human nature captured in: personality, behavior tendencies, thought and feeling processes, body language and physical features. With the help of this Energy Profiling system, thousands of people have learned that their perceived weaknesses and flaws are actually their greatest strengths and gifts.

(If you have read my book It’s Just My Nature, you will no doubt see some similarities between that book and this book. The Beauty Profiling and Energy Profiling systems describe the same four Types of human expression. It’s Just My Nature! offers a more thorough guide to using the Energy Profiling system to understand yourself and others. This book discusses content that I have developed specific to women and the shame they experience around their appearance.)

2. Learn howto Dress Your Truth

The second step in this process is learning to actually Dress Your Truth. There are five elements of Dressing Your Truth: color, pattern, texture, fabrication, and design line. These five elements are expressed in clothing, jewelry, accessories, makeup color and application, and even your hair color, cut and style. Once you know your own Beauty Profile, you will be ready to learn how to Dress Your Truth using the five elements as your guide to create your own personal style. As you do that, getting ready each day can become a daily practice in honoring who you are as a woman.

I must stress it is imperative that you first discover your own Beauty Profile before you can take the next step, the Dressing Your Truth online

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