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As you go through the Beauty Profiling process, you may see yourself in each Type of beauty – how the natural expression and movement of each Type influences your personality traits, behavior tendencies, thought and feeling processes, gifts and talents, personal space, body language, and most importantly, your physical features.

You have all four elements of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon inherently in you. Every woman expresses a Dominant Energy Type that does not change over her lifetime. When assessing yourself, you will be looking and feeling for which of tire four Types of beauty7 most aligns with you. I believe you innately know who you are. Listen to your intuition! In your personal validation of who you are, you will take on a new level of ownership and permission to be yourself.

I will not offer you a personality assessment questionnaire in any of my Profiling resources. There is a higher percentage of error when we just look at personality and behavior (especially when only using a questionnaire). We have a safeguard for that in my Beauty7 Profiling system that allows us to see more clearly what your true Type is: your physical features.

We can assess how the movement of your Type of beauty7 expresses itself through your physical features, meaning your facial features and your body language. The way you sit and stand and move are expressions of your natural Type of beauty. This provides a default mechanism for looking beyond personality and getting a more accurate reading of who you truly are. You likely have never looked at your nose and wondered what it says about you. With the Beauty Profiling system, you will look at your nose in a whole new light!

Closely examining your physical features is valuable exercise for many women, helping them to discern their true Type of beauty. I tell women that their body never lies when it conies to telling the truth about who they are. After a woman has adapted and conformed herself to the needs of others throughout her life, she too often loses perspective about who she is. If you were shamed or disciplined for being your true self as a small child, you would be less likely to want to embrace your true nature due to some wounds that need to heal, and are likely ready to heal now that you are reading this book. I believe you would not have come in contact with this material unless you were ready to heal!

Like most every woman who feels uncertain about which Type of beauty she expresses at first, Kelly got it figured out and the journey of getting there was perfect for her.
I’ll let her share in her own words:

‘T am so thankful for this program. It is so wonderful to finally understand who I am, and why I am the way I am, and begin to accept it and be free in it…I saw myself in all the Types and jumped the gun, and picked TYPE l. I have been living in my secondary TYPE 3 for a couple of years to get things done and am tired, burned out and exhausted…I put TYPE 2 colors and flowing fabrics on my body and came home.

I have been trying to “be more” than I am for several years. I am at peace, and ready to heal. Thank you for your help. I now know I am exactly who God created me to be.”
My Beauty Profiling system truly is more of a right brain, intuitive personal experience. When we are operating more from heart than logic, we have a much better sense of who we are. When logic is our reference to who we are, we often get confused, or allow ourselves to be influenced by expectations put on us. Remember to trust your heart, your feelings about who you truly are!


I have consistently found that the natural expression and movement of each of the four Types appears in many aspects of our human experience. What we will look at in this book is where and how the natural expression and movement of each of the four Types of beauty is being expressed in the following aspects of our feminine nature.

Gifts and talents

Tlie natural movement of our dominant Energy Type supports us in having a unique gift and talent that not only adds great value to our own life, but also contributes to the wholeness of humanity working in harmony. Ironically, we often judge the very gift nature has endowed us with to be a weakness and a flaw. Knowing your natural gifts and talents that are supported by your Dominant Energy Type will be amazing and freeing to you.

Personality traits

Even though we can consciously manipulate our personality to play roles and hide our true nature in these roles, we still see the expressions of each Energy Type pushing through all of these roles, insisting on being expressed naturally. These natural expressions cannot be totally silenced, but they can be restrained, shamed, judged and deemed unacceptable. Most likely, what you have disliked about yourself or judged as unacceptable could be your natural self and who you truly are. This is one of the most important concepts of the Energy and Beauty Profiling systems.

Thought and Feeling Processes

The four Energy Types are expressive in our inner world of thoughts and feelings. The inner world creates the outer world—it all begins with our own inner thoughts and feelings. This is our personal space that we can never step outside of. You are always experiencing you. Everything in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. How you perceive your reality is being influenced by your dominant Energy Type, and your dominant Energy Type is influencing what you value in yourself and others.

Behavioral tendencies

These include how we express the natural movement of the four Energy Types in our communication, personal relationships, social interaction, work, physical activity, money management, and even our shopping tendencies and perceptions of our body and physical appearance.


Doodling is an innate activity that demonstrates the natural movement of who you really are without conscious judgment. Just pause for a moment and think about how you doodle. Look in the next sections to find which dominant Energy Type captures your doodle. It’s not 100 percent accurate 100 percent of the time, but it’s very close. It was correct for me!

Body language

We will also look at how the movement of the four Energy Types expresses in the way you walk, sit, stand, talk, use your hands, what your word choices are, and how you maintain your personal space, including what interior design elements you are drawn to.

Physical features

Tlie physical body is a manifestation of your inner essence. The vibration and movement of the four Types of beauty are expressed and shaped in all your physical features. Most people are blended, showing lines and shapes of at least two of the Energy Types, but you do have a predominant expression that honors one of the four. The body – and the energy in it—does not lie! It is honestly expressing your true feminine nature.

How your energy affects other people

As you live and express yourself, VO 111′ leading Energy Type will shine through, and will have an effect on other people. Understanding this can help you identify which characteristics will either inspire or irritate other Types of people.

How your appearance affects other people

Other people perceive yOU from the outside. When you put a style on your body that outwardly expresses your true inner nature, you help others to instantly and intuitively recognize you for who you are. A common mistake is to dress in a way that attempts to hide what we think is a weakness but which is really our strength. When we do, we make it more likely for people to misjudge us according to how we dress.

Most common fashion mistake

I’ll go over the common fashion mistakes that each Type of woman tends to make -where each stumbles – and how you can overcome these mistakes.

Shopping tendencies

You may not realize it, but you have unique shopping tendencies, true to your Type of beauty. I’m talking about clothes shopping, not shopping for groceries. Some move through a store quickly, others take their time. Some benefit from taking a friend along while others do better shopping alone. Some of your tendencies are strengths while others hinder your shopping experience.

Beauty code word

Each Type of beauty has a beauty code word. The word captures the Beauty Profile of a given Type in a single word.

Your Beauty sixth Sense

You have an innate beauty sixth sense of what looks good and feels right on your body. You were born with this intuitive gift as a woman. Dressing Your Truth will help you rediscover this often hidden gift that the fashion world ignores. Each Type of woman has a sixth sense of her own beauty.

Famous Women of each Type of beauty-Foi’ each Type of beauty, you’ll See a list of famous women. It will help you understand and appreciate your own Type of beauty more when you see it displayed in popular, well-known women.

As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, you may see yourself in each Type of beauty. That is because you have all four Types of beauty in you. You are created from the four primary elements that influence the movement of each Energy Type. That is what makes you a whole woman. But you dominantly express only one of the four Types of beauty. I have not met one woman yet who doesn’t. Your secondary Type in your Beauty Profile does play a strong supporting role for most women when it comes to learning how to dress your truth.

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